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Welcome to 2017-2018 Instumental Music!

Please note that my page links to the school 7 site, but I am the instrumental teacher at all of the elementary schools in Belleville.
Nearly all instruments have been distributed. Please see the "Links" section of my page for the calendars for each school's instrumental schedule. They are all on Google Calendar and you can subscribe to them and add them to your Android or iOS device. If any 4th graders have not received an instrument, there are likely no more available. If you are still interested, and will consider purchasing an instrument for your child, please reach out to me. I would love to help you find an instrument, and get every one that wants to play, in my lesson groups. Again, I only teach the following instruments: Violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, ukulele, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, F Horn, trombone, baritone, and percussion. 
Things to consider purchasing:
Clarinets and Saxophones use reeds to make sound. I have plenty, but students my find a particular size/strength works better for them. I order only Rico Reeds in size/strength 2 or 2.5. They get as soft as 1 and as hard as 5 (the numbers are fairly subjective). There are many other brands and each brand has it's own strength scale. Reeds are available from music sites (Interstate Music) or
Cleaning and maintenance. There are kits available for each instrument to make this task easier.  These are available on music sites as well as Amazon. Here's an example from Interstate Music:
Percussion (drum) players are given a pair of sticks. It is recommended to get a good practice pad or putty pad. In my experience Silly Putty is the best. It's quiet and mimics the feel of a real snare drum. You can get more expensive practice pads or "Remo Putty Pads" but Silly Putty is best. I would say about 2 or 3 "eggs" worth is sufficient. Amazon has 6 packs that you can split between 2 or 3 students.
Method Books are in short supply and the books that we have at the elementary schools are old and out of print. If possible I'm asking all students to purchase their own method book. We will be using Sound Innovations Book One for their specific instrument. (the blue colored one not green or red) Here's a link to the publisher, but they are available on and Interstate Music. 
Except for Ukulele. Same publisher, different book. "Alfred's Basic Ukulele Method 1". There are 3 versions ranging from $7.99-$14.99 (book only, Online Content, or CD and DVD). Any of them is acceptable, but  the mid priced one (online content)offers the same as the DVD for $5 less just via the internet rather than a DVD.
Please look around my page (over to the right and down) and notice links I have to various instruments and how to care for them. If you don't see your specific instrument, reach out to me. Alternatively, you can just visit YouTube and search for any of the instruments and how to care for them. 
I'm looking forward to working with all the fine, young musicians in all the Belleville Elementary schools this year!
Mr R.

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Instrument Returns and Summer Repairs

As we enter June, I start planning for instrument returns and send those that need repairs out during the Summer months. Please be sure to have instruments all returned for the week of June 12. This allows me to use the last week for cleaning and repair sorting. If an instrument is lost it must be paid for and replaced as per the bond agreement.