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Physical Education

Hi! Welcome to my Physical/Health Education page. I am eager to educate our students on the importance of physical activity and making healthy choices in our lives. My goal is to create a fun, learning environment for our students and their ability to realize how valuable physical activity is currently in their daily lives but also for when they move on from School Number 7 and enter their teenage/adulthood lives. I hope that my passion for sport rubs off on the students of Belleville! I look forward to a great year!


Sport/ Health Topic of the Month

The sport of the month for June is baseball! What better way to enjoy the wonderful weather by going outside and playing America's Past Time! The students will learn how to hit the ball, field and run the bases.
The health topic of the month is 'summer fun.' As summer approaches, I want to teach the students about what it takes have a fun and healthy vacation. Whether being protected from the sun or riding a bike, it's all about having fun and being healthy!

Sport of the Month

October's sport of the month is soccer and the health topic of the month is nutrition!! I am looking forward to teaching them how to dribble, pass, trap and shoot. At the end of the unit we will combine all of those skills that we learned and play a modified soccer game called 'Speed Sideline Soccer!'