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Welcome to School #7's Health Office!
My name is Devorah Schwadron. I graduated from Rutgers University with my Bachelor of Science and Nursing and received my school nurse certification from Jersey City University. I have always had a passion for medicine and absolutely adore working with children (I have three of my own!) so school nursing has proven to be the perfect balance and combination of the two.
My role at School #7 is to maintain health and wellness of your children. By working together as a team we can ensure that your child's health and safety needs are met so their prime focus can be spent on academic, social and emotional growth. Please keep me informed of any medical conditions, allergies, injuries or illnesses. Your current contact information is also an important thing to keep updated so you can be reached as needed. Please feel free to reach out any time with any questions or concerns, or if there is anything I can do to help your child succeed.